FOSS Fridays at Anaconda

Anaconda is an important part of the Open Source ecosystem. A significant percentage of our team contributes full-time to open-source projects, but it is a passion for most of the organization.

What are FOSS Fridays

The idea is to take a break from normal teamwork to contribute to any open-source project that we would like to support. We want to give an opportunity for everyone in technology to contribute to an open-source project we care about, Python or not, Anaconda-related or not.

FOSS Fridays happen on first Friday of the month. Jan 7, 2022 was our first FOSS Friday🤩.

FOSS Friday Updates - May 2022

PyScript PyScript PyScript

PyScript had just launched and everyone at Anaconda were so excited. Here is Peter Wang's keynote at Pycon 2022 on "PyScript - Programming for Everyone".

Improve performance for conda-forge

Carl Anderson and Daniel Holth improved conda channel cloning performance for conda-forge by fixing a performance bug in conda-index. They also worked on a proof-of-concept rewrite of conda-index which will reduce package propagation latency for cloned channels by using sqlite databases instead of relying on a filesystem cache of a channel.

conda-forge package sync improvements

image This graph shows the duration of conda-forge channel cloning before and after the performance bug was fixed. The Y axis is measured in seconds and each point on the X axis is a point in time when the clone job ran.

BDD test automation framework

Vijesh Kumar and Nishita Beeraka worked on a BDD test automation framework design to work closely with the manual QA automation team.

Parenthood and Leadership

Princiya Sequeira wrote a blog post on parenthood and leadership.