OSS Roundup

This is our ongoing series of articles in which we will give weekly highlights of open-source software (OSS) activities here at Anaconda. We will list various achievements of the last week or so, link to interesting things and give brief details of ongoing work and plans. Each team will only write something when they have something to say.

Conda (language-agnostic, multi-platform package management ecosystem)

The conda team has officially launched conda.org! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿš€ This website will be home for the entire conda community. We are still very much actively developing it and welcome any contributions. Have a great idea for a blog article or feature? Get in touch with us by filing an issue at our GitHub project or stop by our Matrix chat and say hello ๐Ÿ‘‹.

Distdatacats Team (remote bytes, file formats, catalogs and data processing)

  • 2023.4.0 release of fastparquet is out
  • Please see the partner blog about the transform capabilities of intake-duckdb
  • In nice synergy with the work on duckdb, dataframe pipelines are coming to Intake core (full documentation yet to come)
  • continued releases of dask-awkward and friends as we iron out bugs for large complex high-energy analysis workflows.

Numba (JIT-compiling python code to make it fast)

After resolving a few bugs discovered in the Numba 0.57.0 release candidate (including one very obscure LLVM bug!), we have done the final release this week.

Jupyter (in-browser IDE for python and others)

The Jupyter team released a new version of nbclassic (0.5.6), the component that allows the classic Notebook (version 6.x) to coexist in an environment with JupyterLab. This is in preparation for officially tagging version 1.0 of nbclassic later this week.

This has also been a big documentation week, as weโ€™ve been working on pull requests across a few Jupyter projects to explain development conventions (like how semantic versioning is used) and to improve readability for newer users and extension authors. Weโ€™re also busy preparing for JupyterCon in just over a week, where the whole Anaconda Jupyter team will be in attendance, along with several other Anaconda people. If you are planning to attend, please stop by the booth and say hello, and check out the talk on the future of the Jupyter notebook we are co-presenting.

BeeWare (deploy python projects to mobile and elsewhere)

This past week the BeeWare team was at the PyCon Sprints. We peaked at ~25 contributors working on issues, and handed out almost as many challenge coins to first time contributors, tackling a range of issues from minor documentation cleanups to major new features in Briefcase and Toga. For a full summary, check out our April 2023 Status Update.


If you haven't seen the announcement from PyCon US, check out pyscript.com!